The Lite – Organizational Development

Some time back I had an idea on how to organize a company. I was sick and tired of all the backhand agreements made, the muttering around the coffee machine. The benefits some got, but not all. The managers constant trying to escape paying more, always arguing for paying less. From that I devised a concept which should be able to remove all that – at least in theory.

I haven’t been able to work further with this concept, so I wanted to release this for public inspiration. As I believe the concept itself is strong and deserves further work. I will continue working with this when I get time, but anyone interested can take the idea and work further with it. Either in a separate document with due reference to original author and referenced contributors.

Any comments, feedback is welcome at any stage! 🙂

The Lite concept is about reducing any organization to the minimum required, using a standardized approach in any aspect of the organization, making it easier to navigate, with less things to consider in the daily work. The Lite concept is not about earning more money, but making the money necessary to exist. Working in an environment that empowers the individual, to reap the benefits of good times and encourages to work harder in bad times.
The first Lite concept introduced is OrgLite, which is an organizational hierarchy based on the Lite concept.

The Lite (located on Google drive)

Additional contributors
Maja Harsberg

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