SharePoint Infrastructure Design Specification

After a good while I’ve decided to create a generic SharePoint infrastructure design specification that is very much in line with what I use. The idea is to use the template as a baseline and add only what is correct, remove what is not needed.
This document serves as an infrastructure specification and should be created together with your solution architect. This document does not replace a solution design.

Feel free to use, give any credit you can 🙂

SharePoint Infrastructure Design Specification (located on Google drive)

28-12-2016: Updated Design to match SharePoint 2016 installation as default. Minor typos and updates. Added additional security requirements and service descriptions.
26-09-2016: I’ve created an example of the simplest SP farm setup possible. This will show the document in on of the most reduced forms. This shows a single SharePoint server, hosting an intranet with a search service application.
Example (located on Google drive)


  1. Hi Jesper, thanks for the good job on SharePoint Infrastructure Design Specification.

    Recently I was assigned to produce a SharePoint 2013 Application Design Specification which I have not done before. May I ask you to send me copies of real life example or you can point me the direction about what and how to do it? The audience is supposed to be developers/technical staff.

    Many Thanks,

    1. Hi Larry,

      Thank you, glad to know that there is a use for my things 🙂
      I actually have a draft solution design specification lying in my “Get this wrapped up and posted”, so I might just get that done within a few days 🙂

      This solution design will be focused on SharePoint alone, and out of the box configurable components within SharePoint and how to describe their use within a given solution.

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