LinkedIn – Filters – Pulse/Recommended Jobs and more.

I was previously annoyed by Pulse, Recommended jobs. So decided to add a few filters on how to block the different blocks of LinkedIn Updates. Now you can choose which you want to see on your dashboard.

Pulse (Works per 11-Dec-2015)[class="feed-update pulse-recommend-article-rollup  has-snippets"][class="feed-update linkedin:pulseContentPool  has-snippets"]

Recommended Jobs (Works per 06-Mar-2015)
Now consists of two different classes.[class="feed-update company-recommend-job-digest  has-snippets"][class="feed-update company-recommend-job  has-snippets"]

Recommended People you know (Works per 06-Mar-2015)[class="feed-update people-connect-recommend  has-snippets"]

People in your network have new connections (Works per 06-Mar-2015)[class="feed-update people-connect-recommend  has-snippets"]

Promotional advertisement (Works per 06-Mar-2015)[class="feed-update"][class="feed-update company-share-article is-sponsored has-snippets"]

How you rank (Works per 06-Aug-2015)[class="feed-update premium-how-you-rank  has-snippets"]

People like you are watching (Works per 10-June-2016[class="feed-update member-like-share  has-snippets"][class="feed-update lyndaCourse-singleton  has-snippets"]

Ads (Works per 29-Sep-2016)[class="f17x700 ad-hdr iframe-ad ns has-ad-label"][class="ad-hdr-2b"][class="ad-hdr"][class="ad"]

New GUI (Works per 16-Feb-2017)[class="feed-s-update mh0 Elevation-2dp relative feed-s-update--is-sponsored feed-s-update--share share-update image feed-s-update--is-sponsored-image ember-view"][class="feed-s-update mh0 Elevation-2dp relative feed-s-update--is-sponsored feed-s-update--share share-update article ember-view"][class="feed-s-update mh0 Elevation-2dp relative lynda-update feed-s-update--lynda lynda-update ember-view"]

* Updated 12-Jan-2017 with additional filters.
* Updated 28-Oct-2016 with additional filters.
* Updated 29-Sep-2016 with additional filters.
* Updated 11-Dec-2015 with additional filters.
* Updated 10-June-2015 with additional filters.



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