IIS – Authentication Settings – Powershell

Doing my work I had to setup some Kerberos authentication for an IIS site. The customer and the developer wanted it done using Powershell. I’m not all too impressed by the IIS powershell, it reminds me of WMI and I did not like that either.
Set that aside, I actually had a hard time finding something simple to get it to work.
All the below lines needs is the sitename, found from the IIS manager.

$SiteName = ‘’ #Example: 'Default Web Site'
$PSPath = “IIS:\Sites\$SiteName”

#-- ASP.NET Impersontation enable
Set-WebConfigurationProperty –filter system.web/identity –Name impersonate –Value True –PSPath $PSPath

#-- Windows Authentication enable
Set-WebConfigurationProperty –filter /system.webServer/security/authentication/WindowsAuthentication –Name enabled –value True –PSPath $PSPath

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