Constructive Criticism

Criticism – Organizational/Personal – Perspective

This article will give you some perspective on criticism. Both in the form of understanding, but also as a tool to work with. This has been referenced from the idea development post, as criticism can also be a tool to refine ideas.

Criticism (located on Google drive)

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Mads Ahola

Idea Development

The objective of this document is to enable management to develop and evaluate employee ideas on a constructive level and provide a positive feedback that will encourage employees to try again and again. The concept is to have employees feel that they are a part of the entire organisation, rather than just an item in the block. Contributing to future development, as well as being a resource for progress for the organisation.

Furthermore the goal is to ensure development of personal skills for the individual in respect to self realisation needs.

Idea Development (Location on Google Drive)



Criticism – a few thoughts

Thoughts on criticism;
After reading an article about serving a criticism sandwich, I stumbled upon one of my old documents on the matter. Deciding that I should wrap it up in order to follow up on the comments. Below are some of my thoughts around the subject of Criticism.

Criticism comes in many forms and shapes; however, for any type of criticism, it is important that it can be turned off and on. Especially self-criticism, which is more a state of mind. After a certain point, it becomes more a direction than an actual skill. Below is a few thoughts on; Self-criticism, Constructive criticism and Source criticism. Furthermore inspirational thoughts on tools for working with criticism; Extreme criticism and Total criticism

Criticism (located on Google Drive)