Exchange Platform – Maintenance Guide

There is a set of tools available to support the daily operations of the Exchange 2010 platform. The following guide aims to define the most important elements with regards to operating an Exchange 2010 farm with as few and as short operational disturbances as possible.

This guide describes the GUI-based Exchange Management Console, its tools and options as well as Microsoft’s command-line shell named PowerShell. All this with references to daily operational challenges that can occur on the Exchange 2010 Farm.

Furthermore this guide will contain references to the most basic parts of the maintenance support, typically deployed in relation to Exchange 2010. This guide will not cover backup and restore, as this will be covered separately.

Exchange 2010 – Maintenance – English (Location on Google Drive)

Exchange 2010 – Vedligeholdelse – Dansk (Placeret på Google Drev)

SharePoint Platform Maintenance Guide

Introduction and purpose

In regards to daily operations of the SharePoint platform there is a set of tools available in order to support this. To give the best possible foundation to operate your SharePoint 2010 farm with as little and as short operational disturbance as possible, the below guide defines the most important elements in relation to this.

This guide describes the GUI-based Central Administration, its tools and options as well as Microsoft’s command-line shell named Powershell. All this with reference to daily operational challenges that occur on the SharePoint Farm.

First this guide contains the most important elements from the respective tools, thereafter examples of usage is with real life issues.

Covers SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

SharePoint Maintenance – English (Location on Google Drive)

SharePoint Vedligeholdelse – Dansk (Placeret på Google Drev)

SharePoint Platform – Backup & Restore Guide

To ensure continual operation of the implemented SharePoint Server 2010-solution, all the supported elements have to be secured in regards to reestablishing functionality and data in the event of a random element’s breakdown.

This guide describes how backup and restore of the SharePoint Server 2010-platform should be done as per Microsoft’s recommendations. This includes associated elements like Site Collections, Web Applications and the product Project Server 2010.

The guide begins with important considerations, before moving on to recommendations. It is important to emphasize that the actual implementation always has to be based on the physical setup and the customer specific demands for backup/restore level and time.

SharePoint 2010 Backup & Restore – English (Location on Google Drive)

SharePoint 2010 Backup & Restore – Dansk (Placeret på Google Drev)

SharePoint platform – Vendor Management Guide

Introduction and purpose

The SharePoint platform can grow bigger and bigger until it reaches a size where it is no longer manageable by a single department or vendor. It could be the need for fresh input on neglected areas or, if possible, simply to get a better deal. No matter what the reasons are, the possibility to split up the platform is there, in order to focus where competences are the greatest.

This guide introduces recommendations on how the borderlines could be defined respectively between one or more vendors, as well as which areas of responsibility lie within which area.

Furthermore this guide will include simple tools for maintaining these areas as precisely and professionally as possible.

The following document should be regarded as an inspiration for how to handle the SharePoint platform. Each area should always be a merger of vendor abilities, platform requirements and industry related requirements.

SharePoint Vendor Management – English  (Location on Google Drive)

SharePoint Leverandør Håndtering – Dansk (Placeret på Google Drev)