Microsoft Cloud solution – Security, Auditing, Traceability and how do they react to data breach

You might have an interest in Microsoft cloud hosting security, auditing and / or data protection, just like me. I’ve collected a few good links, that should get you started.

First of, a little on how they react if breaches will happen, because they will at some point in some way. Major or minor…
How Would Microsoft Respond to a Data Breach of the Azure services?

Secondly, this white paper examines how Microsoft investigates, manages, and responds to security incidents within Azure.
Microsoft Azure Security Response in the Cloud

So how do they protect their physical data centers as well as your data and which certifications do they comply to?
Security, Audits, and Certifications

A little on their politics for how they manage and regard your data.
With Microsoft, you are the owner of your customer data.

And lastly a more wide perspective article.
5 questions every executive should be asking their security team

SharePoint with Azure Access Control Service

This article describes the installation process of using Azure Access Control Service (ACS) as an identity provider for SharePoint. This article uses Windows Live-ID as test.

This article uses ACS as the first federator after the consuming application with reference to the below architecture.


1: Administrative access to the Azure ACS. (
2: Access from SharePoint solution to Azure ACS url. (Internet browsing available)
3: Access to public URL of SharePoint solution. (SharePoint exposed to the internet)

Installation SharePoint with Azure Access Control Service

Installation SharePoint 2013 with Web Application Proxy and ADFS – Kerberos

Installation of SharePoint 2013 with Web Application Proxy and ADFS – Kerberos
Had some issues trying to piece together all the parts of the puzzle in order to get Web Application Proxy, ADFS and Kerberos to work together with a SharePoint 2013 Web Application hosting a Business Intelligence site, the linked guide should outline the most relevant points required. The rest should be read from references.

Link to doc:
Installation SharePoint 2013 with Web Application Proxy and ADFS – Kerberos guide (Location on Google Drive)

Step 3: Publish Applications using AD FS Preauthentication

SharePoint and the Web Application Proxy Role

Understanding the AD FS 2.0 Proxy