Set Time

Get, Set Time with Powershell

Had some challenges with time on some virtual environments that got reverted to snapshot each day and redeployed. Domain Controller was not connected to the Internet and host time synchronization caused some issues here. Basically we created a script which polled a public NTP pool and changed DC time accordingly, using remote powershell from server connected to DC and the Internet.

#--Find the FQDN of the DC.
$DC=([]::GetHostByAddress(([System.Net.Dns]::GetHostAddresses($(gwmi WIN32_ComputerSystem).Domain)[0].IPAddressToString))).hostname
#-- Creates Session to the DC.
$Session= New-PSSession -computername $DC -authentication Kerberos

#-- Collects time from dk ntp pool.
$Time = w32tm /stripchart /dataonly / /samples:1
#-- Gets local time of server
$LocalTime = Get-Date

#-- Synchronizes Local time with NTP pool time, using difference in time.
$SetTime= ($LocalTime.AddSeconds($Time[3].split("")[1].trim("+s")))

#-- Creates scriptblock to be run on DC
$SB= {param($SetTime)Set-Date $SetTime}

#-- Sets time according to on Domain Controller
Invoke-Command $Session -ArgumentList $SetTime -Scriptblock $SB

#-- Removes Session to DC
Remove-PSSession $Session